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September 28, 2018

How Do We Cope During a Heat Wave?

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It is hovering over 100 degrees here in Los Angeles.  I have not been invited to Malibu to any beach parties to stay cool.   How are people coping with the heat?   My son’s school doesn’t have air conditioning but the school is being pro-active to beat the heat.

Dear Parents,

It’s going to be a hot week! We want to reassure you that the XX School is taking several steps to accommodate the high temperatures  and to ensure the health and comfort of our students:

1. We are closing the blacktop during lunch time.

2. The PE coaches are changing their activities to accommodate for the


3. We have distributed spray water bottles, of the sort used at the  Jogathon, to help keep children cool.

4. We are distributing extra fans in as many classrooms as possible.

5. Where feasible, classroom lights will be turned off to lower the room temperature

6. In classroom morning meetings, teachers and teaching assistants  stressed the importance of staying hydrated, and they will continue to  encourage children to drink water throughout the day.

We encourage you to send water bottles this week to help keep students hydrated.



This all sounds reasonable and not so expensive to comply with. 

This summer the temperature reached 120 degrees in Baghdad  .  Demand for electricity was high.  Is the state willing and able to provide necessary infrastructure for coping with the heat?  Improvements in solar could decentralize the grid and allow for competition in order
to provide greater reliability and to avoid state monopoly issues. 
If our friends to predict the weather on a week to week basis can foresee a heat wave coming, then this “heads up” will make it even easier for to adapt.  Different people will have access to different coping strategies and merely to due to self interest — such individuals will seek out the right strategy for themselves.

Could Climatopolis Interest the Young and the Old?

Category: Green Environmental – Admin 4:14 pm

Wired Magazine   and AARP’s Magazine  report on Climatopolis.

The future of cities in the face of climate change is a midly interesting topic.  Climate scientists should share the microphone with micro-economists on this subject.  We (the economists) have some interesting things to say on this subject and we certainly like to talk.

GM maize ‘has polluted rivers across the United States’

Category: Green Economy,Green Energy – Admin 10:59 am

Independent: An insecticide used in genetically modified (GM) crops grown extensively in the United States and other parts of the world has leached into the water of the surrounding environment. The insecticide is the product of a bacterial gene inserted into GM maize and other cereal crops to protect them against insects such as the European corn borer beetle. Scientists have detected the insecticide in a significant number of streams draining the great corn belt of the American …

Australian PM sets up multi-party climate committee

Category: Green Economy,Green Energy – Admin 10:59 am

Radio Australia: Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a multi-party climate change committee, tasked with looking at how the country should use carbon prices to drive lower emissions. The group will include three Government MPs, two Greens representatives, and an independent MP. Ms Gillard invited the Opposition Coalition to nominate two members of the committee, but it’s made it clear it won’t be involved, calling the committee "repugnant". Presenter: Liam …

United Kingdom: Salmond: Renewables to supply all Scottish electricity by 2025

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Business Green: Scotland will produce enough renewable energy to supply "at least" 100 per cent of the country’s electricity needs by 2025, first minister Alex Salmond will tell an industry conference later today. The forecast will be made at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference in Edinburgh, a two-day event designed to boost private finance investment in low-carbon projects. "I’m confident that by 2025 we will produce at least 100 per cent of our electricity needs from renewables …

India ‘faces pollination crisis’

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BBC: A decline in pollinating insects in India is resulting in reduced vegetable yields and could limit people’s access to a nutritional diet, a study warns. Indian researchers said there was a "clear indication" that pollinator abundance was linked to productivity. They added that the loss of the natural service could have a long-term impact on the farming sector, which accounts for almost a fifth of the nation’s GDP. Globally, pollination is estimated to be worth £141bn …

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