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June 9, 2018

Earth day 2010: Not conservation but rather manipulation

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Happy earth day everyone !!! Praise the mother earth in all of her glory !!! The rise of the environmental movement to interject and influence public policy has grown dramatically since the inception of Earth day 40 years ago.  One example of this is the far-reaching campaign is that of the Ontario government and private non-governmental organizations and charities  in advocating a ‘progressive’ energy policy based solely on its ‘green’ laurels.   The idea of environmentalism has changed drastically in the face of man made global warming as companies, politicians and venture capitalists realize the inherent value of supporting the sustainability mantra and championing renewable energy.  The first Earth Day was steeped in the self-congratulatory spirit of “the counterculture,” of fighting “the man.”  As a sign of the changing face of the environmental movement, this year’s Earth Day has giant corporate sponsors including Procter and Gamble, Siemens, Wells Fargo, Philips and UPS, every one a hypocritical proponent of eco-socialist “sustainability” and “fighting” man-made global warming.  The transition of environmentalism as a fringe-group passion  to that of daily bombardment is evident all around us.  It tugs at our heart strings and at our need to be vilified by those we consider to be morally superior.  Sadly it has effected some societies more than others.

Since the first Earth Day, environmental NGOs have gained enormous political influence  some of which can be seen in our highly touted but deeply flawed “green energy act”.  As Premier Dalton McGuinty stated earlier this month,

Ontario has a vision for green energy — we will be a North American leader.

Indeed the Green Energy Act Alliance the foremost cheerleader of  the GEA, is a environmental group collective that includes the OSEA , the Pembina Institute, and the David Suzuki Foundation.  They proudly states on their website,

“Going forward, we are building a broad alliance of supporters to develop and promote the Ontario Green Energy Act. We welcome the participation of all interested parties: citizens, the private sector and public sector.”

So instead of considering the advice of former Ontario Power Authority CEO Dr. Jan Carr, the Power Workers Union, as well as dozens of independent energy consultants, the Liberal Government heeded the advice of environmental NGO’s and community lobbying groups, all of which have no understanding or expertise in energy production, development or management.  In some cases the government directly funding these groups to promote and sing the praises of ‘community power’ or in other terms de-centralised renewable energy projects.

The inception of Green day was based on the thought of ‘grassroots’ collectivism.  An array of teach-ins, and protest citing the sins of corporate culture and industrial America.  Back then the issues were many -  acid rain, pesticide use, wildlife preservation, conservation, nuclear waste -  the list goes on and on.  Comparably 40 years later this smorgasbord of issues has been marginalized by the greatest issue of our time Global Warming.  Due to the popularity of the cause the environmental movement has become a secondary culture, a just and righteous life-style choice.  Environmentalism has shed the shell of group sit-ins and granola bake-offs and has become a corporate market.  The rebel sell has become the moral buy, even if the majority of Americans see ‘green-washing’ as a marketing tactic. The need to become sustainable in our energy production has led to billions and billions of dollars of investment, making renewable energy a wise long term investment.  But some people like the Ontario government, have for all intents and purposes jumped the gun.  Do you blame the Liberals for enlisting the services of environmental groups and ‘green’ celebrities to sell this legislation to the people?  Setting up slush funds for organizations that advertise and campaign for a policy they helped craft is tantamount to big oil paying car companies to lobby against higher fuel emission standards.  It’s corrupt.  But the tides might be shifting, in the last month the liberals have announced a 25% increase to province wide energy bills.  Environmentalism is vitally important to our society but ignoring the vested interests of these NGO’s and groups – which would be to forward and agenda that secures government funds for promotion and consultation – and instead thinking that they abide by the antiquated notion of ‘grass-roots’ organization and protest is foolish.

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