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May 9, 2018

New Leaf a hit. Has anyone driven one yet?

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The Nissan Leaf

Nissan Motor Co. said Thursday that it is enjoying brisk demand for its new Leaf electric car in Japan, with purchase orders in the first three weeks surpassing half of targeted sales of 6,000 vehicles for the full business year ending March 2011.  The Japanese car maker said it has received pre-orders for 3,754 vehicles after it began taking orders for the Leaf from April 1. Of the total, individuals made up 64%, while the remainder were corporate customers. The model goes on sale in Japan in December.  The launch of the Leaf has attracted much attention in the auto industry, as all-electric vehicles have so far only been sold at high prices and in low volumes.  For those who aren’t aware of the Nissan Leaf here is a crash course,

The Nissan Leaf electric car will cost $32,780 when it rolls into showrooms in December. Add in the federal EV tax credit, and the bottom line is $25,280, a price that makes the Leaf competitive with the Honda Civic and the Toyota Prius.  In California, because of extra subsidies and incentives it’s going for $20,028.  The 220-volt charging station you’ll need to keep the car going will cost you about $2,200, but that includes the installation. A federal tax credit will cover half the cost, said Dave Mingle, Nissan’s senior director for customer management and business strategy.

If the Nissan Leaf becomes the new standard in automobile construction base-load needs will grow exponentially leading one to ask can politicians, energy producers and utility operators meet the demand while  striving towards fossil free base-load?  I’m of the disposition that renewable energy will not do the trick and if legislators cannot convince the public that nuclear is an essential ingredient in our future energy mix, all the savings that gasoline free gets us will be augmented by all the natural gas and coal we will need to burn.

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