Revisiting Barney Frank

“So Slobbering Barney Frank finally admitted helping Herb Moses get a job at Fannie Mae during the early 1990s. Who was Herb Moses? Hunky Herb was Barney’s boyfriend at the time. Why does it matter? Because Barney Frank was on the committee that regulated Fannie Mae at the time he helped his lover get the job … and then for the next few years when Herb Moses was one of the Fannie Mae executives pushing the very Fannie Mae loan guarantee programs that led to our housing and mortgage crisis, while escaping rigorous oversight from Congress. A conflict of interest? Hell ya!”

“The illegal destruction of foreign capital should be a crime”

“Interview with Wolfgang Hetzer, director of intelligence of European anti-corruption agency… The author believes that “the financial crisis is not a simple system failure”, but “has been caused by a massive and objectively criminal behavior of persons responsible for the banking sector, supported by state grossly negligent.” In most countries, “politicians do not realize at all what happened,” he says. Media, “have also given the impression that something happened unpredictable and uncontrollable,” he says, but that vision, “not only misleading and erroneous, but possibly the result of a political business information by those who have power, “he explains. ”

Foreclosure sales continue to dominate Cowlitz County housing market

The good news for Cowlitz County’s housing market last month: Foreclosure sales dropped, overall sales rose and the median sales price reached a high point for 2011, according to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The bad news: Foreclosures still dominate the market, prices remain mired at 2005 levels and recovery is still a few years away, area real estate brokers say

Fannie Responds to Hawaii’s New Foreclosure Law — Says… WE’RE OUT!

“If you’ve been following the goings on in Hawaii as related to SB 651, the state’s new foreclosure law that requires servicers foreclosing non-judicially to produce chain of title documents, including assignments and endorsements prior to scheduling mandatory dispute resolution in front of a mediator, here’s a piece of news you’ll want to hear”