Food: Radial Restaurant in Decatur

Voted ‘Best Vegetarian’ in the GaVoice’s Best of Atlanta 2010!
Mon-Fri: 7:30 – 3:30
Sat-Sun: 8:30 – 3:30
Atlanta City Search calls it “A cool urban vibe runs through this industrial cafe, which features local artwork along splotchy exposed brick and attracts a diverse mix of artists and city dwellers. Wood booths line a wall of windows overlooking the train tracks, while stools by the counter offer a view of the bustling open kitchen. ”
According to, “…only one Georgia restaurant has met the strict requirements of zero Styrofoam use, full recycling program …

Community Gardening Conference Registration Now Open. Event Aug 5-8

The 31st annual American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) Conference to be held at the Loudermilk Center in the heart of Atlanta, GA from August 5-8, 2018 will showcase the area’s community gardens and urban agriculture projects.  The 2018 conference theme is “Holistic Approach to Building Sustainable & Healthy Communities: The Choice is Yours.” Over 3 1/2 days, there will be workshops, concurrent sessions,  bicycling and bus tours to Atlanta’s diverse community gardens and other green sites, keynote speakers, a film festival, the …

Green Chamber: Real Estate Section Meeting July 28th

Green Chamber REAL ESTATE SECTION meeting, July 28 from 9:00 to 10:30 am at Gwinnett Technical Collage.
* Welcome and introductions
* Presentation by our host: Gwinnett Tech
* Committee Business
Light refreshments will be provided by the host.
Address and Directions:
Gwinnett Technical College
5150 Sugarloaf Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-5702
The Busbee Center Bldg. 700
Room 2.60
Gwinnett Tech is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Atlanta, the campus is located at the corner of Highway 316 and Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville.
For those driving to campus, there is ample student parking available. If you prefer public transportation, you can reach …

Amazing Wheatgrass Health Benefits

Alternative Medicine: Amazing Wheatgrass Health Benefits,Amazing,Wheatgrass,Health,Benefits

Alternative Medicine Books provide you with a second opinion and additional resources for alternative medicine and natural treatments. Learn When to be your own Doctor. Many interesting titles are available through this Portal.
Alternative Medicine Books, When to be Your Own Doctor

There are numerous wheatgrass benefits. They are attributed to the wealth of nutrients that are contained in this simple grass that represents young wheat plant. All the wheatgrass nurturing nutrients can be divided into several distinct groups.

Consumption of wheatgrass on a regular basis has a profound impact on your energy levels. Taken early in the morning and preferably before having breakfast, it makes you feel confident that the daily chores will be taken care of and that after along day at work you’ll still have enough energy to hang out with your loved ones.

Wheatgrass has ample amounts of vitamin E, which is in demand by beauticians and companies that make creams, since it has strong skin rejuvenating properties. Applying wheatgrass to sagging, wrinkled skin makes it tighter and slows down the aging process. It can be applied to problematic skin as well, thus treating various conditions like acne, ulcers etc. This is just a tip of the iceberg as far as wheatgrass health benefits are concerned.

It has been argued that wheatgrass is so nutrient dense that even small amounts of its juice are incomparable to large amounts of other vegetables. Even though these claims are overinflated, there is countless evidence in the form of testimonies and research which prove that wheatgrass benefits are as powerful as they are varied.

Of the more popular health benefits of wheatgrass there is purification, illness prevention, circulation improvement and the ability to build blood count.

Wheatgrass juice is a great internal cleanser. It can make the lymph get rid of various toxic substances much easier via its high saponin content. This way, tissues release toxins much easier and the detoxification goes on fast track.

By consuming wheatgrass on a regular basis, it is possible to prevent the onset of a disease or treat it. This property is enabled by strengthening the immune system, another one of wheatgrass health benefits.

Another interesting fact is the similarity of the molecules of one wheatgrass constituent and our blood protein. Apparently, chlorophyll has a molecule structure that resembles that of hemoglobin. They actually differ only in a single atom. This means that our bodies easily make one on the expense of the other thus building blood count and improving circulation.

Wheatgrass is also rich in amino-acids. Amino-acids are responsible for muscle growth, and since protein consists of various amino-acids, it’s clear why it is consumed in large quantities by gym-goers.

There are so many other ways wheatgrass can be used to restore health that there just isn’t enough space in this article to present them. Just make it a habit to consume wheatgrass on a regular basis and soon you’ll be able to notice the positive effects this cheap diet supplement has to offer.

It can easily be grown in the privacy of your own home, there is no special equipment needed for a task of this kind, and if done right, will provide you with a steady supply of wheatgrass juice for your family and you.


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Volunteering: The Heart of the Community

Alternative Medicine: Volunteering: The Heart of the Community,Volunteering,Heart,Community

Alternative Medicine Books provide you with a second opinion and additional resources for alternative medicine and natural treatments. Learn When to be your own Doctor. Many interesting titles are available through this Portal.
Alternative Medicine Books, When to be Your Own Doctor

Who knew “community service” could mean so much more than “punishment”? Volunteering in the local community is nothing new, and the last decade or so has seen a strange waxing and waning in popularity. Experts say this could be due to issues with political correctness and associated tension, financial strain – any number of reasons. Regardless, the importance of community volunteering is no less.

A lot of community volunteer initiatives focus around bridging social gaps. Gaps between rich and poor, the young and the elderly.  Fostering a positive opinion between all ethnicities and social groups is a tough demand, but its one community volunteers face every day.

Providing as proficient and thorough an education as possible is vital to the development of children, youth and young adults. Whether it’s a sports first aid training day, historical tour, hands-on nature experience or graphic design tuition; many such activities (particularly after school clubs) simply couldn’t run without volunteers.

Educational volunteers come in many packages – the nature guide at the local wildlife park, the tour guide at the historic castle. Without the dedication of these and people like them, it’s likely that such places would cease to provide the same level of service.

Sports training equipment can be expensive. Community sports programs are largely run by volunteers, without which the best sports training equipment in the world would be useless. These volunteers nurture the emotional development of participants, as well as providing guidance relating to particular sport skills. The life skills that can be learned via sports (commitment, coping, constructive criticism, teamwork etc) can be incredibly valuable.

Community Spirit
Small communities could not survive without the input of community volunteers. Firemen, event organisers, sports first aid representatives – the importance of helping smaller communities blossom via volunteering cannot be impressed enough.

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