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The World Wildlife Fund’s Global Forest and Trade Network is under a wave of harsh criticism as its transparency and credibility are being challenged by the forest campaigners. It is being said that GFTN is working with a structure that has so many loopholes in it.

The GFTN—a WWF-led partnership—is aimed to find ways to protect vulnerable forests and a balancing point between commercial and conservation interests. It is working with companies, communities, NGOs, and entrepreneurs in more than 30 countries around the world. Global Witness, a British-based investigative group, has accused that GFTN is strengthening the companies using timber from illegal sources. In its report titled “Pandering to the Loggers: Why W.W.F.’s Global Forest and Trade Network Isn’t Working.” Global Witnessed has particularly mentioned the names of Jewson, of Britain, and the Swiss-based Danzer Group that are involved in illegal trade of timber and had been involved in unethical activities.

Defending GFTN’s decision to work with controversial companies, George White, the head of the W.W.F. initiative, has said that these are the companies where change will have the greatest impact. He further added that he is satisfied with the progress of GFTN as it has brought a positive change by greater coordination and it is working efficiently to protect biodiversity.

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