Search for a new “consent-based” site for nuclear waste in USA

The United States’ government is advised to find a new “consent-based” site for nuclear waste by The Blue Ribbion Commission. The commission was established by President Obama to give suggestions to cope with the issue of managing the nuclear waste. The commission has recently issued a draft report, after having worked on it for 16 months. Yucca Mountain in Nevada was the site that was chosen before by the senate leaders who were later accused of making that decision on political grounds.

The Blue Ribbion Commission, led by Lee H. Hamilton and Brent Scowcroft, has come up with a number of recommendations in its report for the selection of a new site. Members of the very commission has emphasized on the formation of a new independent panel that would choose a new site, keeping in view the scientific knowledge and requirements. It is suggested in the report that consent of the local community should be given prime importance and this programme should not be managed by The Energy Department as it has failed to win public’s confidence. Commission has also stressed on a congressionally chartered corporation to enhance the credibility of the waste programme.

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