Permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

A legislation was put forward by the Republican lawmakers in Congress, pressurizing the Obama administration to grant permission for the construction of the very controversial keystone XL pipeline on Wednesday.

This legislation is a response to the recent verdict of the State Department in which they delayed the approval 7 billion$ project; which was to be approved a year before; as it takes into consideration the substitute routes which bypass the areas sensitive with respect to environment in Nebraska.

Supporters of this pipeline have been infuriated by this decision, who had previously been calmed down by the President, who ensured them that after the next presidential elections these people will be given jobs opportunities in lieu of signing off on some other project.

Mr.Lugar in a statement stated that President Obama is in fear offending his political base and creating a high risk for the construction of unions of who support the pipeline. He further stated that by building the keystone pipeline, President Obama now has the opportunity to change the national and energy equation. Moreover he has a golden chance of creating 20,000 new jobs, which unfortunately he is delaying till 2012 new presidential elections.

It has been said that the State Department is under severe pressure of the environmental groups and lawmakers in Nebraska who have been constantly persuading the Obama administration, not to allow the construction of the pipeline, as it will pass through the delicate Sand Hills of the region.

Later on, TransCanada; the company that is responsible for the construction of the pipeline assured that the route will not pass through the hills, rather it will go around the Sand hills region. The State Department has now ordered to take a fresh environmental review of the region in case the pipeline goes around the region. This process of review might take another 12-18 months.

The Republican Bill has been severely criticized by the opponents, stating that the State Department governor general conducted an inquiry regarding the handling of the environmental review by the federal government. The reports of the inquiry have been faulted by the critics as lax.

According to the consultants delay in the decision ( whether to approve the keystone XL pipeline or not) by the Obama administration will directly benefit the Enbridge company which is proposing to construct two new segments of the pipeline that will carry oil sands from Canada to Texas.

On the other hand Senator Bernie Sanders stated that he strongly opposes any hard work by the Republicans in Congress to approve the construction of the keystone XL sand pipeline. House of Republican and the Energy and Commerce committee will discuss the pros and cons of this pipeline on the hearing to be held on Friday.

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