Ocean Warming and the impacts on Coral Reefs

Today, in the modern world of technology, many of us are aware of the fact that the marine life
is in great danger as intensive decline has been noticed in many places. The coral banks have
been markedly deteriorated due to climatic change along with the immoral human activities like
dumping the sewage waste into the sea water.

But nothing to worry much, as the good news arrives by a recent research which has been
conducted in Australia. Scientists have reported that there has been marked increase in the coral
growth in the region through the 20th century due to the increase in the temperatures. Research
has shown that this effect was more noticeable at the latitudes which are high and the ocean is
colder. These researches give a strong hint that the warming which is caused by us humans in
the form of carbon dioxide is in fact benefiting the corals in the region. This thing according to
Timothy Cooper is very much surprising as stated in a journal of science.

This situation of increase in the coral growth is totally opposite if we take into consideration
the Great Barrier Reef in the eastern Australia, where we can observe the slowing down of the
coral growth. This scenario is beyond the understanding of scientists, despite of the fact that Dr.
Timothy Cooper has made a point that Australia has much less population, and has a very less
human influence in the form of chemical drainage to water. Moreover he is of the opinion that
corals can get positive benefit from the warmth only till a limit, after a certain limit of heat or
cold marine animals have tendency to die or get risky damages. So it could be easily predicted
that if the marine animals in certain parts of Australia have survived in the warmth in the 20 th
century, no one can give guaranty, that they may be able to stay alive if the ocean gets warmer
with the passage of time.

Similarly damages are also being made to the coral reefs by the carbon dioxide which is
continuously being entering the ocean through the atmosphere and making the acidity level of
the sea water to increase. Experts are of the opinion that the unexpected findings of Dr. Cooper
will definitely help to judge that what implications and dangers coral reefs will suffer as a result
of ocean warming.

Experts are of the view that whether it is extreme cold or extreme heat, both is likely to damage
the coral reefs to a great extent in the coming decades, and both are equally harmful for the
existence of the coral reefs.

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