The Green Guide to New York City

New York is changing its color to green green green! They are making great efforts to clean up their city's air and even support greener buildings. If going green is your thing then you will have plenty to explore throughout New York City with Downtown Manhattan at your epicenter.
Jamblemag - Central Park NYC Manhattan is divided into many different districts consisting of Greenwich Village, SoHo, Wall Street, TriBeCa, Midtown and Chinatown. There is also the historical Fifth Ave which marks the division between the East and the West sides. Fifth Ave is lined with tunnels as well as bridges which connect Manhattan to New Jersey among many other destinations. There are many environmental friendly places to visit within these divisions. For example, you can visit the beautiful Central Park which is located within Midtown. There you will find over fifty miles of trails where you have the option of biking as your means of transportation. I'm not sure how one can get any greener than that. On bike you may either tour with a guide or explore on your own. If biking isn't your thing than roller blades are available as well.
Another green attraction is the Hudson River Park. This park is located along - you guess it - The Hudson River. The Hudson River travels from the Upper West side down into the downtown area. You may also bike or roller blade throughout this park. River activities include kayaking during the summer and rock climbing. The Hudson River is also the location of New York's Floating Farm otherwise known as the Science Barge. The farm is a leading example of the use of hydroponics to grow substantial crops of vegetable as well as fruits. In the summer months the floating farm is docked and one can take a tour of the farm.
Jamblemag - New York's Floating Farm To view the best angle of the Statue of Liberty one must take the ferry onto Governors Island. This island may be small and only open from the months of May until October but it is a sight to see. All along the island cycling is welcome as well as art and picnics. They are also building an eco friendly park on the island as well.
Solar1 is a eco friendly arts and events arena in Stuyvesant Cove Park. The space displays many green technologies which consist of solar systems to power an entire movie theatre. The movie theatre is fully functional during the summer and many movie nights are put on by CitySol.
Jamblemag - New York's Floating Farm You can not forget the New York Botanical Gardens. This breathing taking garden is only a twenty minute train ride from Central Station. These gardens originated in 1891 and feature water lilies, a tropical conservatory, orchids, and herbs. The roof top is home to the Wave Hill House. Also located in the Bronx is their home Zoo which helps protect much wildlife from around the world. It also is the first location to use a compost toilette in New York City.
The green does not stop there. New York is even making shopping eco friendly. The 3R Living located within Brooklyn is full of eco friendly options, including green books and green recharging bags. Kaight is another store that is committed to the eco friendly life style. They sell eco friendly fashion designers and labels that are mostly made of organic materials. Kaight is located in Manhattan.
Organic cotton clothes can be found at the Organic Ave Store in the Upper East Side of New York. If you are into recycling then Buffalo Exchange just might be the store for you. At Buffalo Exchange you can trade your used threads for other recycled clothing. You may also donate 5 cents to charity per token earned in the store in exchange for not using another bag.
Jamblemag - New York Botanical Gardens There are many organic food and beverage places located throughout New York. The most eco friendly location is the Birdbath Bakery. This bakery sells only organic made goods - its wall are made from wheat - and its cups are made from corn. As if this wasn't enough the staff uniforms are creatively made fully from hemp. You are also rewarded with a twenty five percent discount for your green traveling to the establishment by bike, roller blades or skateboard.
Another green eatery option is the Organic Grill located in Midtown. The Organic Grill is a fully vegetarian cafe. The menu consists of fully organic options for brunch through dinner. The Habana Cafe, also conveniently located in Midtown and has a vast selection of Mexican catered dishes. The Habana Cafe uses only biodegradable plates and utensils to be eco sufficient. The Habana has a sister restaurant name The Habana Outpost. At the Habana Outpost they are doing their part by being sustained by solar powered lighting, use of their own garden, and bike operated smoothie machines. Talk about dedication!
Lastly, the Picnic food kiosk in Battery Park is fully stocked with sustainable foods using only fair trade, organic, ingredients. The menu is made up of home baked bread to create their heavenly sandwiches. All sandwiches are wrapped and served in compost wrappers and every sale gives a percentage to the Battery Park Conservatory. The Conservatory conveniently sells all natural wood baskets to use for picnics as well as fair trade, organic, clothing. Chose the greener option today!