Meditation on the Colors of Nature

Meditation on the nature colors is honestly the best way to get rid of body
and mind stress. In the modern era of machine-driven life routine the nature
meditation is getting wider appeal from the civic inhabitants.

The outdoor meditation revitalizes the basic intelligence and physiology. This
meditation is done outside in natural atmospheres. While doing meditation
outside we engage our senses with different rich surroundings. Nature lovers
have learnt that the signing of the birds, a cool breeze, the smell of fresh
grass, the pine trees and the blossom flowers bring them up inside and their
lives set on the rhythm of nature.

First of all find a peaceful good place in a natural environment to enjoy a
good nature meditation. A place with the least number of people around you
will allow you to concentrate more effectively. Once you select a place try
to use the same spot every time to get a fast and deep state of meditation.
Bring along a sheet or a blanket which you will use for sitting or even laying
down depending on your favourite meditation position. Make sure you feel
quite comfortable in whatever posture you choose throughout the whole
meditation exercise.

There are several different ways that to enjoy the full colors of natural
meditation. Experiment and discover what suit you best. There are two
basic styles mentioned below. It is really up to your individual preferences
that in which way you feel great.

  • Nature Meditation with closed eyes
  • Nature Meditation with open eyes

While doing meditation with closed eyes start with few deep inhalations.
It will help you to relax and bring you close to sensation of the present
atmosphere. With close eyes visualize your surroundings without repelling
anything for a minute. Feel the temperature of the air on your body, sun and
the breeze. Listen the echoes around you like birds, crickets, bees, dove,
cuckoo and flowing water etc. You may focused on one of the experience like
if it’s a bird’s sound try to concentrate on it to notice the quality of the sound
and what that birds is singing. Try to go more deep in to the sound. Don’t
let your mind fill with thoughts whenever you feel so bring it back to the
sounds and environment of being in nature. In doing so, notice how all your
worries, problems, thoughts are slowly drifting away from your awareness.
You are becoming more and more relaxed, calm and rested. When you are

ready, open your eyes, look around, take a cleansing deep breath and feel
how you become re-energized, restored and protected by nature’s influence
to rebuild.
Opened Eyes Natural meditation is another way to do meditation while
sitting, standing or walking. To spend the time in nature can always be a
form of meditation when we give our full attention on what is around us like
the earth, the trees, the flowers, animals, fresh air, the breeze and so on.
To get the maximum benefit of this experience, allow yourself to involve in
the sights and sounds, smell flowers and plants. Notice the flow of the mind
to name and assess everything around. Look at a beautiful bird and think
about its kind, nature, sound and if it is a seasonal bird. Simply experience
the colors, shape, sounds, movement of the bird or whatever else you come
Experience everything with consciousness, as if you’d never practiced
anything like it before. As always, when the mind strolls and becomes
caught up in thought, simply bring it back to the experience of nature.

Meditation is absolutely FREE! It involves no special tools, and is not at all
complicated to learn. It is not time consuming, Daily 20-30 minutes are
enough and you can do it anywhere anytime. Best of all Nature meditation
has NO negative side effects. There is nothing but positive to be gained from
it. With so many benefits, the question is, “why are you not meditating yet?”

Make sure you do natural meditation as there are simply too many positives
to just ignore it.

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