Leader of Anti-Fracking movement, Mark Ruffalo

Natural gas drilling in NewYork State, which is to take place next year, is suffering from criticism by various environmental groups. They are demanding for strict regulations for it. Mark Ruffalo, a famous activist is in favor of the complete ban of this drilling process. He is of the opinion that the nation should meet it needs from renewable energy resources, rather than relying on fossil fuel.

Famous actor, director and screenplay writer, Mark Ruffalo is roaming around the Newyork state using his status to campaign for a ban on hydrofracking. Horizontal hydraulic fracturing is a process in which water and some others chemicals are enforced into a fine grained rock under the ground, in order to obtain gas. Environmental experts are of the opinion that this process of drilling may impart negative impacts and certain risks to the aquifers and may also affect the value of the air.

Having roots in a rural background, Mr. Ruffalo lives in the town of Callicoon in Sullivan Country. Being a nature loving person, Ruffalo loves to wakes up early, feed his chickens, grows eggplant and raspberries in his garden and drops children to school and spends rest of his time lobbying against drilling natural gas. And instead promote the use of wind and solar energy. He is of the opinion that if state allows this project, his native land Sullivan Country would eventually become a common place for such projects.

In an interview he stated that he doesn’t believe that drilling could be done safely as methods of extraction damages the water. Furthermore he is of the opinion that the effects of drilling may include the contamination of water wells, it could clog the roads with truck traffic and could damage the peace and calmness of views.

Dimock,Pa., is also part of his protest movement where this process of hydrofracking is already in progress. Ruffalo is also planning to join a couple of environmentalists in order to deliver fresh pure water to several families. These families have charged the gas drilling company to have contaminated their drinking water, thus leading to spreading various diseases. On the other hand the gas company denies any negligence at their part, and claims that the gas seepage occurred naturally and was beyond their control.

Apart from Ruffalo, people from different walks of life were asked for opinions about the drill. A similar poll was conducted in Quinnipiac University York State was released last week. The results showed a split result, as 44% were in favor of drilling owing to its economical benefits, while 43% opposed it due to its harmful effects on environment. The results showed a little bit of uncertainty among the voters.

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