Get Rid of Ex Smokers Cough

Alternative Medicine: Get Rid of Ex Smokers Cough,Smokers,Cough

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Get Rid of Ex Smokers Cough

The prolonged cough that makes you miserable daily morning is smoker’s cough. The heavy smoking you have done in the past has ruined the defensive mechanism of your body against airborne infections and as a result your body has become unable to push out the impurities accumulated in your lungs.

As an ex smoker you are more vulnerable to bronchial infection. Only through the continuous cough, you are able to bring the phlegm up to your throat so as to swallow it. The fibers in your nose and trachea which are called cilia were responsible to get rid of the toxins and impurities that entered your body while breathing. Cigarette smoke has destroyed the cilia fibers completely and hence you have to struggle to remove the impurities.

Protect your lungs

But, remember, you can get rid of the ex smoker’s cough. By way of cleaning your lungs and supporting them you can get rid of the smoker’s cough. You must detoxify your lungs so as to remove the contaminations.

Breathing pure fresh air is very important. Also you must do deep breathing for a few minutes daily.

Inhaling Rosemary will help lungs detoxification. Also you can inhale detox herbs like Mullein, Lomatium etc. However, before inhaling herbs, consult your herbal physician.

You may eat detox foods such as radishes, onions, almonds, olives, winter green, water chestnut, water cress, winter squash, grapes etc. Consumption of cruciferous green vegetables like kale, broccoli and cabbage is very effective in lungs detoxification.

There are home remedies to get rid of ex smoker’s cough. They ensure quick relief from the severe cough.

Drink hot tea mixed with honey. It will lubricate your throat and soothe the cough.

Gargle with warm water containing salt. By doing this many times a day the phlegm will be removed and cough will subside.

Natural treatment is the best method to get rid of ex smokers cough. Nature knows how to protect your lungs and thereby relieve you from the severe cough. You opt for natural treatment so that nature will rescue your lungs.

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