Colors of Nature Meditation

When one meditates on the colors found with in nature they can release much of the bodies stress - mentally and physically. In this day and age where we are driven by a life of routine the nature meditation is highly sought after due to its out of the ordinary appeal. The outdoors awakes and revitalizes your senses and meditating on it renews your basic physiology and intelligence. This mediation should be done outside. When conducting this mediation we have the opportunity to engage our senses into different surroundings. Many who practice this meditation have come to find that a cool breeze, smell of fresh pine trees or the songs of birds have come to uplift them from the inside out. Colors of Nature Meditation
In order to complete this mediation you must first pick a setting in nature which brings joy to your being. It is optimal if there is a minimal number of people surrounding you so that are able to truly concentrate in an effective manner. Once this place has been selected try to use it repetitively as your meditation arena. It is helpful to bring a blanket or pillow to create a comfortable seat in your meditation area. You do not have to sit while meditating, you may even lay down - pick a position that is most comfortable to you. There are many ways that one can fully enjoy the meditation of nature’s colors. If you are new at meditating feel free to experiment to find what brings you the most comfort while meditating. You may even experiment in meditating with your eyes open versus closed.
If you chose to start with your eyes closed you can start with a couple of deep inhales. This inhalation will help you to relax your body and mind which will intern bring you to a state of presentness. Then you can visualize your surrounds. One can focus on how the temperature outside feels on your skin or even the cool breeze. You can zone in on listening to your surrounding and observe the different sounds found in nature. With each meditation try to go deep into what you are focusing on - try not to think but to only feel and be one with the right now. Each time you will become more and more relaxed, rested, and calm. When you are ready you will then open your eyes and take a finally cleansing breath. You will naturally feel more energized and ready to renew your day.
If you chose open eyed meditation then one can do this sitting or while in motion. You may spend this time in nature giving your full focus to the trees, earth, flowers, animals etc. Involve yourself with the smells, sounds and sights of nature to really feel the full effect of this meditation. Observe the beautiful birds and think about its sound, nature and season. One can simply just experience the birds colors or shape as well - whatever your mind may wonder to.
The goal is to experience all with consciousness. Each experience must be looked at as if it has never been experienced before. Always bring your mind back to the experience and do not get caught up in thought. Mediation is a free form of learning. It is not complicated and does not require any tools. All it takes is twenty to thirty minutes of your time daily and can be done from any place. The key factor is that there are no negative side effects. One can only gain from meditation.