Reconditioning Plastic Bottles

Axion International, a company from the New Jersey founded in 2007, has devised a new technique of recycling old plastic items. This innovative technique is to construct different building material like bridges etc by using discarded detergent containers, plastic bottles, milk carton and several other related things. This building material will be strong enough to replace steel, iron and concrete as it will be a mixture of frayed plastics and some amount of fiberglass. This technology has first time been introduced by the professor of engineering Thomas Nosker at Rutgers.

Plastics have a quality that they don’t degrade. Buried in the ground for centuries may even not decay them completely. Many people for the same reasons melt plastic and use it as boards at beech house decks or many make out clothing material by twirling it up. Continue reading

Leader of Anti-Fracking movement, Mark Ruffalo

Natural gas drilling in NewYork State, which is to take place next year, is suffering from criticism by various environmental groups. They are demanding for strict regulations for it. Mark Ruffalo, a famous activist is in favor of the complete ban of this drilling process. He is of the opinion that the nation should meet it needs from renewable energy resources, rather than relying on fossil fuel.

Famous actor, director and screenplay writer, Mark Ruffalo is roaming around the Newyork state using his status to campaign for a ban on hydrofracking. Horizontal hydraulic fracturing is a process in which water and some others chemicals are enforced into a fine grained rock under the ground, in order to obtain gas. Environmental experts are of the opinion that this process of drilling may impart negative impacts and certain risks to the aquifers and may also affect the value of the air. Continue reading

Alberta Minister Of Environment Leads Canadian Shale Gas Water Management Initiative

The Honourable Rob Renner, Minister Of Alberta Environment, has announced that he will be spearheading Canada’s first industry-wide initiative focused on benchmarking best practice for water management in shale gas production. Key operators including Shell Canada, Nexen, Encana & Talisman are already on-board with the initiative and will be sharing their studies on improving water sourcing, treatment, recycling and disposal in shale gas production in the Horn River and Montney plays.