UNEP’s Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland

Vast oil resources in Ogoniland have proven a scourge for the Ogoni people whose lives have been threatened by the ever-increasing pollution in the area. In the words of Emmanuel Nnadozie, Director of the Economic Development and NEPAD Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), oil is a curse which means only poverty, hunger, disease and exploitation.  Same is happening in the Ogoniland where water is contaminated and land is damaged dramatically because of oil spills. Continue reading

Greenskills- A unique effort to restore urban ecosystem

To protect the environment and restore traditional lifestyle in urban areas, a variety of programmes is being introduced across the world by different organizations. People are working to improve their lives and to return to less artificial environment by planting trees. URI GreenSkills is a unique programme by New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees. Its objective is to promote and demonstrate sustainability in action through creation of employment opportunities and the provision of training, research and on-the-ground projects. Continue reading

Search for a new “consent-based” site for nuclear waste in USA

The United States’ government is advised to find a new “consent-based” site for nuclear waste by The Blue Ribbion Commission. The commission was established by President Obama to give suggestions to cope with the issue of managing the nuclear waste. The commission has recently issued a draft report, after having worked on it for 16 months. Yucca Mountain in Nevada was the site that was chosen before by the senate leaders who were later accused of making that decision on political grounds. Continue reading

Sustainability Endangered

The World Wildlife Fund’s Global Forest and Trade Network is under a wave of harsh criticism as its transparency and credibility are being challenged by the forest campaigners. It is being said that GFTN is working with a structure that has so many loopholes in it. Continue reading

John West sets tuna sustainability targets

UK canned seafood manufacturer John West, once branded ‘John Worst’ by Greenpeace for its poor record on sourcing tuna responsibly, will today launch a five-year plan to source the depleted fish stock more sustainably and will announce the launch of a new range of pole and line sourced tuna products.